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What this site is

Capitalism is inherently exploitative and unjust. Its logic of infinite accumulation is the source of conflict and suffering around the world. As the hegemonic global mode of production, it is also rendering the earth uninhabitable. The end of the human race is all but assured unless we change course. The site functions as a news source, but more so as a way to develop creative projects that challenge the enduring logic of the capitalist world order, or what Hardt and Negri refer to as Empire.

  • Existing content (films, articles, social media posts, philosophical works, etc) will be collected, analyzed, categorized and subcategorized, cross-referenced, and then synthesized.
  • From this synthesis, original content will be created, and potential documentary and narrative projects will be developed.
  • Potential projects will be evaluated based on a variety of factors and will need to meet certain agreed upon threshholds (ie, is this project visual enough to be worth making?)
  • Challenges unique to projects will be notated (ie, access), along with strategies to mitigate those challenges.
  • Collaborators will be necessary. There will be radical democratic participation in content acquisition and analysis, original content creation, and longer form project development.
  • This site and related projects will be collectively owned by its workers (as a worker co-operative). Funding for projects will be crowd-sourced. Donors can choose which project they fund or donate to a general fund. All general funds will be delegated via a democratic process.

This site and related projects will not only interpret the capitalist world order. ThePraxis page will keep on ongoing list of actions we can take to subvert it.

it jumps from chaos to the beginnings of order in chaos and is in danger of breaking apart at any moment.